E251: Power – Inside Epic’s vision for the next generation of videogames

With the next generation almost here, in E251 we look at the hardware we’ll be playing it on, and the software that’ll be running it. We report on the technical specifications of both the next PlayStation and Xbox, and feature on the cover the Elemental Knight, Epic’s mascot for its Unreal Engine 4. Once upon a time, the next generation didn’t begin till hardware manufacturers said so. Now software makers, such as Epic, have that say. We reveal the realtime prototypes that demonstrate the potential of videogaming’s new era, and examine what, precisely the next generation really is. Is it really about better graphics? Or are there other fundamental concepts that will lie at the heart of what we’ll be playing for the next few years?

There’s loads more, too, details of which you’ll find after the mag cover below.

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- StarCraft II: Heart Of The Swarm
- Dust 514
- Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
- Yakuza 5
- Luigi’s Mansion 2
- SimCity
- X
- Dirty Bomb
- Velocity Ultra
- Defiance
- Pixeljunk 1-6
- Divekick
- Druken Robot Pornography
- Project X Zone
- Mak
- Cyberpunk 2077


- Dead Space 3
- Strike Suit Zero
- The Cave
- Persona 4 Golden
- Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time
- Proteus
- Kentucky Route Zero: Act I
- Antichamber
- Joe Danger Touch
- Hundreds
- Wave Trip


- Rise of the robot As Ouya tries to infiltrate the living room, what do devs think of it?
- Next gen now The next Xbox and PlayStation’s new features and specs revealed
- Crazy taxi London goes 8bit to promote Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph
- Valve turns Could Valve’s Steam Box help Linux become a key player?
- A new challenge We announce this year’s Get Into Games Challenge
- Soundbytes Words hot from the mouths of Jason Rubin and Atsushi Inaba
- My Favourite Game Actor Warwick Davis talks about Pac-Man and PocketWarwick
- This Month On Edge The things that caught our eye during the production of E251


- Your letters
- Trigger Happy Steven Poole looks underneath the rotting flesh of zombie culture
- Level Head Leigh Alexander wants us to talk about videogame violence
- You’re Playing It Wrong Brian Howe hopes there’s a level of Hell for designers of irksome enemies


- Gear shift Unreal Engine 4 is building next-gen games – what should they look like?
- An audience with… Sean ‘Day[9]’ Plott, StarCraft’s star commentator and an eSports legend
- Harder, better, faster, stronger Meet the powergamers, a breed of hardcore MMOG fans


- People How Seth Killian got a job at Capcom by playing Street Fighter
- Places Why Nova Prospekt is the fulcrum of Freeman’s journey in Half-Life 2
- Things We take a look at the unending popularity of exploding barrels
- Studio Profile Fireproof on winning Apple’s Game Of The Year and more
- The Making Of… Final Fantasy VI – how a steampunk reboot refreshed the series
- The Art Of… Assault On Dark Athena, Riddick’s darkest adventure yet
- What Games Are Tadhg Kelly extols the microconsole and its potential for disruption
- In The Click Of It Clint Hocking gets clinical about the evolving design of health systems
- The Possibility Space Randy Smith shares what he’s learned about being creative
- Word Play James Leach is sick and tired of all the clichés in gaming