E257: Bungie’s Destiny and the next generation of online multiplayer

E257 destiny


We explore Halo creator Bungie’s new universe, Destiny, in the new issue of Edge magazine.

With exclusive access to the Seattle studio’s next blockbuster, we have the world’s first hands-on report on the openworld shooter, plus insight from Bungie creative lead Joe Staten, COO Pete Parsons, art director Chris Barrett, technical art director Ryan Ellis and technical director Chris Butcher.

Elsewhere, we offer our first impressions of Watch Dogs, Titanfall, Puppeteer, Batman: Arkham Origins, DriveClub, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realms Reborn and Super Mario 3D World in our Hype section.

There’s also our look at how the British arcade scene is being revived on an industrial estate in London, why Ouya’s promise to upend console gaming has faltered plus our thoughts on Sony’s approach to the indie scene.

Our columnists Steven Poole, Leigh Alexander and Brian Howe tackle subjects as a diverse as the console war, diversity in games and what’s beneath the happy veneer of Nintendo’s Wii U family.

The new issue is on sale Thursday August 1 – you can buy individual issues or subscribe now in printon iPadGoogle Play and through Zinio.