E259: how Ubisoft Massive is making the next generation’s hottest prospect, The Division


We visit Sweden’s Massive Entertainment to take a closer look at Tom Clancy’s The Division in the latest issue of Edge magazine, which is available now in printon iPadAndroid and Zinio.

The standout next generation title from E3 is a formidable-looking cross-platform game; so it’s surprising to discover that The Division is being made by fewer than 300 people. It’s made possible by Snowdrop, Ubisoft Massive’s new game engine, which allows developers to make changes and test them out in-game within minutes. We find out how the Swedish studio poses a challenge to the industry in this month’s cover feature.

Elsewhere this month, we find out how Xbox One went from crisis to contender in the next gen race and take an in-depth look at that console’s first killer app, Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall. There are also first impressions of Dragon Age: Inquisition, XCOM: Enemy Within, Forza Motorsport 5 and Sir, You Are Being Hunted in our Hype section.

This month’s features investigate why big-budget developers are so afraid of exploring sexual themes, the rise of mingleplayer and the demise of grinding. Our columnists also tackle issues that include storytelling, the supposed significance of The Last Of Us and why smartphones can be the real next-gen consoles.

There’s much more in the new issue, which can be read in printon iPadAndroid and Zinio. Subscribers save money and get their issues before they hit newsstands – you can sign up here.