E263: Creative Assembly’s Alien: Isolation – finally, a game the sci-fi masterpiece deserves


Alien: Isolation is the cover star of the new Edge magazine, which is available now in printon iPadAndroid and Zinio.

The approach Creative Assembly is taking in resurrecting one of entertainment’s most powerful properties feels like the right one, and it appears to be bearing some delicious fruit, as our in-depth cover feature illustrates.

Elsewhere in the issue, we visit Hello Games in Guildford to talk about No Man’s Sky, a whose credentials have been questioned repeatedly since its announcement because it’s being produced by just four people. Who are they, these creators of cartoony motorbiking romp Joe Danger, to be building such a preposterously far-reaching project? Our report this issue goes in search of some answers.

Upfront in the Knowledge section, we look at how microtransactions in full-price games have compromised design, take a look at the first flurry of Steam Machines, and profile the company helping Japanese indies bring their games west, Playism. Zoe Quinn fights back against Depression Quest trolls, Sega’s past is on display in a new Mega Drive/Genesis art book and director Josh Trank talks Shadow Of The Colossus, T-1000s and Forza 5 in My Favourite Game. There’s also an in-depth Audience With Keiji Inafune and Yosuke Hayashi, the duo behind Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z.

Our columnists Steven Poole and Leigh Alexander discuss turning mundane digital busywork into mechanics, ditching ‘best of’ lists and, in You’re Playing It Wrong, Brian Howe confesses all after his sordid slide into microtransaction addiction. Tadhg Kelly also examines why it’s so hard to teach game design formally, Clint Hocking looks at user-generated content via Far Cry 2 and James Leach explains why made-up languages can make our worlds rich.

In Hype, we take an early look at Infamous: Second Son, Thief, Wildstar, Starbound, Lords Of The Fallen, Ultra Street Fighter IV, Frozen Endzone and more.

In Create, we profile Final Fantasy custodian Yoshinori Kitase, Rockstar’s Los Santos and Resogun creator Housemarque, and there’s a detailed look at the The Making Of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

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