E265: Watch Dogs and why Ubisoft postponed the next generation

Watch Dogs

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This month, we delve deep inside Ubisoft to discover exactly why Watch Dogs was delayed, and gain an appreciation of the complexity of the systems at play in the game.

Upfront in the Knowledge section, we find out why so many Kickstarter-driven games run into problems, discover how Team Nismo is using Gran Turismo to find new talent and look at why accessible design is good for everyone, not just disabled players. There’s also a report on how old game cartridges are being revived, and we speak to Kristian Nairn – Game Of Thrones’ Hodor – about World Of Warcraft and Street Fighter II.

On top of insight from Edge readers in Dialogue, Steven Poole finds himself swayed by Vita’s compulsive OlliOlli, Leigh Alexander thinks Flappy Bird disproves the ‘wisdom’ of crowds and Brian Howe offers solutions to all those early-adopter console woes.

The games in our sights in the Hype section this month include The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter, Wolfenstein: The New Order, World Of Speed, Trials Fusion, Rust and The Elder Scrolls Online, while in the features section we sit down for an Audience With Tim Schafer and meet the pioneers in VR, on top of that Watch Dogs cover feature.

Create plays host to its usual mix of People, Places and Things. This month, we profile Corrinne Yu, Rainbow Road and Goldeneye 007’s Klobb, as well as Joe Danger and No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games. Our Making Of feature this month tells the story of Die Hard Trilogy’s creation, and our columnists Tadhg Kelly, Clint Hocking and James Leach explore issues including the ‘dark side’ of game design, what blockbuster gaming will cost us and creating female characters capable of emotion.

Finally this month, there’s the latest in our Region Specific series, which profiles Finland’s financially and creatively rich game scene.

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