Edge 241: Crytek brings jungle warfare to New York City in Crysis 3

Edge 241 Crysis 3 thumb

Edge 241 Crysis 3 thumb

A crouching Prophet takes aim at an unseen target on the cover of issue 241 of Edge, which goes on sale May 9. In our in-depth preview of Crysis 3, we learn how Crytek has returned to the series’ roots: open hunting in an overpowered Nanosuit.

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Here’s what’s inside:


– Crysis 3
– Resident Evil 6
– Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch
– Epic Mickey 2: The Power OF Two
– DMC: Devil May Cry
– Medal Of Honor Warfighter
– Tekken Tag Tournament 2
– Lost Planet 3
– Krater


– Dragon’s Dogma
– Fez
– Awesomenauts
– Tribes: Ascend
– Prototype 2
– Fable Heroes
– Skullgirls
– Botanicula
– The Splatters
– Fibble: Flick ‘N’ Roll iOS
– Mario Tennis Open


– Handheld Hero: Miyamoto looks to the future after a challenging first year for the 3DS
– Videogames in Hollywood: An extract from Jamie Russell’s new book, Generation Xbox
– An Audience with: Ubisoft’s Chris Early on the interconnect digital future
– The Psychology of Genres


– People: Jennifer Hale
– Places: Raccoon City’s police station
– Things: Quick time events
– Studio Profile: Specular Interactive
– The Making Of: Bioshock
– The Art Of: Alan Wake

Edge 241 Crysis 3 cover