Edge 242: Bethesda opens the gates of Tamriel to the world in The Elder Scrolls Online

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Edge 242 The Elder Scrolls OnlineThe Elder Scrolls Online is our lead preview, and cover star, for issue 242 of Edge, due to land in UK newsagents June 6. We take a detailed look at how Zenimax Online Studios has handled the challenge of turning the continent of Tamriel, a land hitherto tuned to the needs of the lone adventurer, into a place for many heroes to explore.

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Here’s what’s inside:


– The Elder Scrolls Online
– Dishonored
– Call Of Duty: Black Ops II
– God Of War: Ascension
– The Unfinished Swan
– Proteus
– Reset
– Firefall


– Max Payne 3
– Diablo III
– Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
– Starhawk
– Dirt Showdown
– Gravity Rush
– Resistance: Burning Skies
– My Little Hero
– Spellsword
– Velocity


– The Psychology of Nostalgia
– Talk to me: Can AI imbue games with human-like interaction and empathy?


– People: Yoshikazu Tanaka
– Places: Mass Effect’s Normandy
– Things: LA Noire’s Notebook
– Studio Profile: Camoflaj
– The Making Of: Fuel
– The Art Of: Eve Online

Edge 242 The Elder Scrolls Online