Edge 243: How Halo 4 is gunning for legendary status

Edge 243 Halo 4 thumb

Edge 243 Halo 4 thumbMaster Chief and Cortana opened Microsoft’s E3 presentation this year, with the first gameplay footage from 343 Industries’ forthcoming Halo 4, and we got to see more behind closed doors. Halo 4, then, adorns the cover of issue 243 and constitutes our lead preview. We speak to development director Frank O’ Connor and Microsoft IEB corporate vice president Phil Harrison about the game, and there’s also a design showcase in which we take a close look at how 343 is introducing a new visual signature to the series.

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Here’s what’s inside:


– Halo 4
– Pikmin 3
– Watch Dogs
– Beyond: Two Souls
– Resident Evil 6
– Tomb Raider
– Far Cry 3
– Company Of Heroes 2
– The Cave


– Lollipop Chainsaw
– Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor
– Spec Ops: The Line
– Game Of Thrones
– Inversion
– Heroes Of Ruin
– Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown
– Beat The Beat: Rhythm Paradise
– Babel Rising
– Art Of Balance: Touch!
– Gauge – Game


– Peter Molyneux’s 22 Cans: The game designer explains his amazing vision for his new venture
– The Psychology Of High Scores


– People: Stuart Kosoy
– Places: New York City
– Things: Batman’s Cape
– Studio Profile: Playground Games
– The Making of: Super Mario 3D Land
– The Art of: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Edge 243 Halo 4