Edge 244: The human drama of David Cage’s new PS3 thriller, Beyond: Two Souls

Edge 244 Beyond thumb

Edge 244 Beyond thumb

Issue 244 of Edge features on its cover a beleaguered, resigned Jodie Holmes, the lead character of Quantic Dream’s upcoming Beyond: Two Souls. Along with our in-depth preview of the game and art showcase, we speak to its writer-director David Cage about what Ellen Page brings to the game in her role as Holmes.

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Here’s what’s inside:


– Beyond: Two Souls
– ZombiU
– DayZ
– Dota 2
– Borderlands 2
– Project P-100
– Total War: Rome II
– Prison Architect
– Scrolls
– Hawken


– Spelunky
– Deadlight
– Quantum Conundrum
– Krater: Shadows Over Solside
– The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim ñ Dawnguard
– Theatrhythm Final Fantasy
– Tiny & Big In Grandpaís Leftovers
– Thomas Was Alone
– On The Rain-Slick Precipe Of Darkness 3
– Marvel Pinball 3D
– Velocirapture


– Why I Make Games: We ask game designers what motivates them
– Health Points: Is health the next revolution in gaming?
– Manifesto: The Nordic difference, developers discuss the Scandinavian scene


– People: Nathan Vella
– Places: Anor Londo
– Things: Call of Duty’s AC-130 Gunship
– Studio Profile: MercurySteam
– The Making of: Assassin’s Creed
– The Art of: Love

Edge 244 Beyond