Edge on iPad: get three free issues when you take out a free trial subscription

Edge trial

Take out a free trial subscription on our multiple award-winning interactive iPad edition today and you’ll get three free issues of Edge, for a limited time.

Sign up to the free trial and you’ll be able to download Edge issue one and our two latest issues – E263 and E264, out on Thursday – for nothing. The offer is running for a limited time, until March 14.

In E263, we took an in-depth look at Creative Assembly’s Alien: Isolation, Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky and how microtransactions in full-price games have compromised their design. There’s also an in-depth Audience With Keiji Inafune and Yosuke Hayashi, the duo behind Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z. And plenty more besides, of course.

In the forthcoming issue, which goes on sale Thursday February 13, we delve into Elite: Dangerous’ deep space at Frontier Developments’ Cambridge HQ, getting a feel for the game’s combat, Oculus Rift support and the story behind its development. There’s also our usual mix of previews, features and opinion inside. Both issues are fully interactive, with custom animations and sound.

Get these two iPad editions free when you sign up to a free trial subscription, plus Edge issue one, published in 1993.

Our debut issue from 1993, meanwhile, is naturally rather less interactive, but offers a fascinating snapshot from the games industry of over 20 years ago. Edge issue one looked at what lay in store from the first of the so-called next-generation consoles, 3DO Company’s eponymous Digital Interactive Multiplayer and how compact discs might transform interactive entertainment. We also weighed up the benefits of Dolby Surround and QSound in games, and reviewed games such as Street Fighter II Turbo and Silpheed. There are some prescient predictions for gaming’s future from Arthur C Clarke, George Lucas and Peter Gabriel, too.

iPad owners should head over to iTunes to sign up to the free trial now. Alternatively, you can buy individual print back issues and buy or subscribe through Android and Zinio. The latest subscriber offers are here, and are also discounted for a limited time.