Edge 246: The story behind Hawken, the free mech FPS that reboots the genre



In E246, out on September 27, we explore three stories of independence. We don’t mean the kind of developers who live up to the accepted image of the term ‘indie’ – these studios work on huge projects and employ many staff. But they’re no less squarely focused on their own ideas and visions.

There’s Hawken, the stunning multiplayer mech game that is the first free-to-play title to ever grace the cover of Edge. We pay a visit, too, to Media Molecule – owned by Sony, sure, but a spiritedly individualistic studio regardless.

Then there’s Platinum Games, now free from the constraints of its publishing deal with Sega. You’ll be able to read the ten-page story of our recent visit to the studio’s Osaka base from September 27 – unless you’re a subscriber, in which case E246 will be with you in the coming days.

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Here’s what else is inside:


– Hawken
– Puppeteer
– Total War: Rome II
– Remember Me
– SimCity
– Until Dawn
– Marvel Heroes


– Borderlands 2
– Guild Wars 2
– Skulls Of The Shogun
– Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
– Joe Danger 2: The Movie
– Mark Of The Ninja
– Tekken Tag Tournament 2
– Dead Or Alive 5
– Super Hexagon
– Bad Hotel
– Gasketball


– Five years, five games: the history and future of Platinum Games
– An Audience With: Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg
– Young bucks: How a new generation is reshaping the entertainment industry


– People: Phil Campbell
– Places: Spelunky’s shops
– Things: Niko Bellic’s mobile phone
– Studio Profile: Media Molecule
– The Making Of: Infinity Blade
– The Art Of: Rage