E259: how Ubisoft Massive is making the next generation’s hottest prospect, The Division

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at 10:00am September 26 2013

What’s inside the new issue of Edge magazine this month.

E258: 20 years of Edge

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at 10:52am August 29 2013

The 20th anniversary issue of Edge is on sale now.

E257: Bungie’s Destiny and the next generation of online multiplayer

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at 09:30am July 30 2013
E257 destiny

Our new issue goes on sale Thursday August 1 – find out what’s inside here.

E256: why PS4 is your next console – and the titanic errors on Xbox One’s road to ruin

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at 10:25am July 2 2013

Find out what’s inside the new issue of Edge magazine here.

E255: Giant killer – we hunt down CD Projekt Red’s next gen action-RPG, The Witcher 3

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at 01:12pm June 6 2013

The new issue of Edge magazine is out now in print and on iPad.

E254: believe the hype – how Oculus Rift changes everything

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at 11:05am May 9 2013

The hardware, the vision, the future. We take a look at how Oculus Rift changes everything in the new issue of Edge magazine, on sale now.

E253: Sony takes control – exclusive access to the developers that helped create PlayStation 4

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at 10:38am April 11 2013

We speak to Shuhei Yoshida, Guerrilla Games and Evolution Studios in the new issue of Edge magazine, on sale now.

E252: Inside Konami’s quest to create gaming’s most believable visuals

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at 04:29pm March 12 2013

We examine Konami’s bid to reclaim its place in virtual sports with the next Pro Evo, and take a close look at PS4, its controller and its games.

E251: Power – Inside Epic’s vision for the next generation of videogames

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at 01:34pm February 12 2013

Once upon a time, the next gen didn’t begin till hardware manufacturers said so. Now software makers, such as Epic with its Unreal Engine, have that say. We reveal the realtime prototypes that demonstrate the potential of videogaming’s new era.

Last chance to save money on Edge, on iPad or in print

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at 01:57pm January 31 2013

Today is the last day you can take advantage of the half-price sale on the iPad edition of Edge 250. The special issue, which includes the worlds 50 greatest videogame developers and an in-depth look at Valve, is just £1.99 ($2.99), down from its usual price of £3.99 ($5.99).

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