Abertay’s ProtoPlay gears up to showcase the brightest new videogame talent

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at 10:53am July 21 2014

Dare To Be Digital, Abertay University’s annual student coding competition, kicked off in June and will see 15 teams of five students attempt to create a game prototype in just nine weeks. The results of their work will be showcased at ProtoPlay, under a large marquee in Dundee’s City Square, which is taking place August…

How Amazon Game Studios is planning to broaden out gaming’s middle ground

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at 10:00am June 18 2014

Amazon has been in the game-making business for some time, but not so anyone would notice. In 2008, it bought Wik And The Fable Of Souls developer Reflexive and put the studio to work on games for Kindle tablets and the Amazon Appstore, firing out casual games such as Airport Mania and Simplz: Zoo. Amazon Game…

E3 2014′s Horizon Conference: an oasis of serene beauty amid the hyperbole

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at 02:24pm June 13 2014
night in the woods

Last year, Horizon announced itself to the industry with an assortment of fresh forthcoming indie projects and the news that Polytron was, back in the summer of 2013, working on Fez 2. This year the event, helmed by IGF chairman and Venus Patrol founder Brandon Boyer, didn’t really have a headline-grabbing hook like Fez 2,…

Nintendo’s E3 2014: a line-up unlikely to ‘save’ Wii U, but who cares when it’s this much fun?

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at 06:08pm June 11 2014
nintendo e3

And now for something completely different. It doesn’t matter whether you believe Nintendo’s determination to do things its own way is its greatest asset or its greatest flaw, few will have watched Nintendo’s version of an E3 press conference without cracking a smile. The tone was set from the very beginning with an extraordinary, GIF-friendly…

Sony’s E3 2014 press conference: greater daring and diversity seal another confident PS4 victory

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at 02:14pm June 10 2014

PlayStation continues to outstrip Xbox at every turn this generation. Sony’s showcase had more surprises, more impressive game demos and far greater diversity than Microsoft’s briefing. Sony also had a wider range of things to talk about: there was PlayStation TV, Vita, PS Plus, Project Morpheus and the same kind of services Microsoft once focused…

Microsoft’s E3 2014 press conference: a solid but uninspiring start for Phil Spencer’s ‘new Xbox’

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at 01:47am June 10 2014
Phil Spencer

And with that, Xbox One is an Xbox again. To the relief of the millions watching around the world earlier today, Xbox One wasn’t referred to as an ‘all-in-one entertainment system’ at all during Microsoft’s E3 2014 media briefing; instead, we were presented with a string of new games intended to recapture some of the…

Virtual boys: Four Develop In Brighton speakers on the VR revolution

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at 12:00pm June 4 2014
Project Morpheus

With Oculus Rift, Sony’s Project Morpheus and Valve’s own experiments reinvigorating interest in virtual reality, much of the conversation at this year’s Develop – taking place July 8–10 in Brighton – will focus on the potential for new gaming experiences using the technology. And it’s indie developers, according to Sony, who will most benefit from the…

Bittersweet harmony: Amplitude’s Kickstarter campaign is hitting only bum notes

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at 09:51am May 19 2014

Enthusiasm, ambition, innovation: these are qualities that Cambridge, Mass studio Harmonix (Music Systems) has exhibited in spades since first its first rhythm action games, the PlayStation 2 exclusives Frequency (2001) and Amplitude (2003), drew critical acclaim aplenty, if not phenomenal sales. They would come later, when the company introduced its Guitar Hero and Rock Band…

Pre-E3 positioning: Microsoft dis-Kinects, but what are the implications?

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at 07:53pm May 13 2014
Kinect 1

Piers Harding-Rolls is director and head of games at analyst IHS Technology. Here, he delivers his verdict on today’s Microsoft announcements. In what is becoming a relatively common strategy of news control for consumer electronics and technology companies before major trade events, Microsoft has confirmed it will sell a standalone version of the Xbox One…

‘What if you gave Tony Hawk a gun?’ Meet Insomniac’s Xbox One shooter Sunset Overdrive

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at 02:04pm May 8 2014

Sunset Overdrive is an open-world superhuman adventure in the mould of Prototype and Infamous, but your power is traversal – every wall can be run on; every ledge, mantled; every car and awning is a springboard; every rail and wire can be grinded indefinitely while firing on the armies of OD’d zombies prowling the streets…

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