130,000 Registered APB Players

130,000 Registered APB Players

Realtime Worlds has released a number of APB player stats as negotiations continue to secure a sale for the Dundee-based firm.

According to the studio, which went into administration earlier this month, the recently launched APB has 130,000 registered players, with the average user playing for four hours each day. It claims that the online title’s generating an average of $28 per month from paying players through a combination of game time and user-to-user marketplace trading.

“These are healthy numbers and reflect positively on APB as a[n] ongoing concern,” said Paul Dounis of Begbies Traynor, which is dealing with the studio’s administration procedure. “They prove this is a very enjoyable game, which is shown by the average player daily playtime and an ARPPU (Average Revenue per Paying User) that is highest of any game out there.”

Several publishers and developers have held Dundee-based recruitment events in a bid to attract staff since Realtime entered administration, while 23 of the 60-strong team which was working on social game Project MyWorld have been re-employed due to interest in the property.