16,000 Aion Accounts Banned

16,000 Aion Accounts Banned

NCsoft has banned 16,000 western Aion user accounts, primarily for the use of third party software (botting) or participating in RMT (gold buying/selling).

Community Manager Andrew Beegle said on the MMO’s forums that multiple users would be unable to activate their accounts following a server wide reboot carried out with little notification.

“We are taking a very firm stance on this issue and do have sophisticated processes and procedures in place that help us keep unwarranted banning to a minimum… Our goal is to ensure our legitimate players are having the best game experience possible.

“There could be many reasons your account was closed… Please note that if your account was closed for the use of 3rd party software (botting) or participating in RMT (gold buying/selling) the evidence for the account closure was gathered over several weeks.”

Users who believe they’ve been unjustly banned can contact NCsoft to have their accounts reviewed, Beegle added.

Earlier this month South Korea-based publisher NCsoft reported giant leaps in third quarter profit and revenue on the back of Aion’s western release.