1989’s Prince of Persia on Live Arcade

1989's Prince of Persia on Live Arcade

1989's Prince of Persia on Live Arcade

Ubisoft confirmed today that it is bringing to Xbox Live Arcade Prince of Persia Classic, a remake of the revered 1989 platformer.

Developed by Gameloft, Prince of Persia Classic will have updated visuals that Ubisoft said give it a “close to 3D” look. Screenshots make the game look pretty sharp with nice lighting and definite depth, while still maintaining an unmistakable 2D-ish appearance.

New traps, enemies and puzzles will also be added to the game.

The game is slated for early summer and no price has been revealed.

Ubisoft has been relatively kind to the Prince of Persia brand since it re-envisioned the franchise in full 3D back in 2003 with the release of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Ubisoft later released critically successful sequels including Price of Persia: Warrior Within and Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones for consoles, along with other iterations of the series for Wii and handhelds.


The original Prince of Persia was developed by Jordan Mechner.