22Cans’ Curiosity launches on iOS, nearly 29 million cubes destroyed in a matter of hours


Curiosity, the massively-multiplayer experiment from Peter Molyneux’s 22Cans studio, has launched on iOS today.

The game is the first of 22 planned releases that will prototype the mechanics for a another, larger, game further down the line. Curiosity lets players from around the world cooperate on the task of chipping away at the surface of a giant cube to discover what lies within.

At the time of writing, 28,750,907 “cubelets’ have been destroyed already (Of the first layer, 71,863,245 remain, which we imagine will be cleared by the end of the day) by 11,388 players. The average cubelet destruction rate per player is 2,464.

“A lot of people are sick of me talking about stuff and never really delivering on promises,” Molyneux told us in July when we spoke with him about 22Cans and Curiosity. He also told us at the beginning of the week, discussing Curiosity’s delay, that he was afraid Apple wouldn’t approve the game.

Curiosity is free to download, and disconcertingly compulsive. You have been warned.