3DS And Robot Wars On Top In Japan

3DS And Robot Wars On Top In Japan

3DS And Robot Wars On Top In Japan

Namco Bandai’s PSP title 2nd Super Robot Wars Z Hakai Volume is the new number one in the Japanese all-formats software chart, in a week that also sees improved performance by Nintendo's 3DS.

In a chart containing several new entries, Robot Wars goes straight in at the top with over 300,000 sales in its first week on shelves, ahead of Konami’s multiplatform Pro Baseball Spirits 2011, which sold just shy of 170,000 units across PS3, PSP and 3DS.

Homefront, the THQ shooter published in Japan – with some changes – by Spike, had a decent first week on sale, with sales of just under 30,000 seeing it enter the chart in fifth, according to Media Create data, translated by Andriasang.

Pilotwings Resort was only released in Japan last week despite being a launch title in North America and Europe, and notches up 26,500 sales, entering the chart at number six. Nintendo will be further cheered by the performance of 3DS, which was the week’s best-selling hardware.

While falling from last week’s 32,910 sales to 28,252, the system performed well enough to see off PSP’s challenge, with sales of Sony’s ageing portable falling from last week’s 35,478 to 23,846. Sales of PSP Go, the digital-only handheld which Sony this week discontinued, were just 207 units.

01. 2nd Super Robot Wars Z Hakai Volume (Namco Bandai)
02. Pro Baseball Spirits 2011 (Konami)
03. Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 Professional (Square Enix)
04. Persona 2 Innocent Sin (Atlus)
05. Homefront (Spike)
06. Pilotwings Resort (Nintendo)
07. Earth Defense Force 2 Portable (D3 Publisher)
08. Dynasty Warriors 7 (Tecmo Koei)
09. Ebicore+ Amagami (Kadokawa Games)
10. Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection (Square Enix)

Source: Andriasang / Media Create
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