3DS firmware update released

The 3DS firmware update has been released across Europe, Nintendo has confirmed.

The update adds 3D video recording, allowing users to capture up to 10 minutes of footage, with time-lapse and stop-motion features included. The StreetPass Mii Plaza has also been updated, with new 3D panels for Puzzle Swap, and a new StreetPass Quest.

There's also a geographical map, with a new piece unlocked every time you meet a Mii from a new region. In Europe, the map covers the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands. Miis can now be received over SpotPass as well as StreetPass, and there's an achievement-like system, called Accomplishments.

A new transfer tool lets users move content between 3DS systems, and the eShop has also been updated with support for demos, and downloads when the system is in sleep mode.