3G beat Wifi at Japanese Vita launch

The 3G-supporting PS Vita was more popular at launch in Japan than the WiFi-only model, according to Media Create data.

Andriasang reports that more 3G than WiFi models were sold in the console's first three weeks on sale. Since then sales have been more evenly split between the two, but 3G appears to be slightly ahead overall.

It's surprising not only because of the additional cost of the 3G model, but because in the hitherto absence of any official data it was assumed the WiFi-only model was the more popular. Reports from Japan claimed that launch-weekend sales saw 85 per cent of Japan's WiFi-only stock sold, compared to just 56 per cent of 3G models.

Soon after came reports of retailers looking to offload stock by selling 3G systems for just ¥19 more than the WiFi models, and just last week Sony told retailers they could offer the same ¥2,000 cashback deal on 3G sales that Amazon Japan had been offering.

Media Create's data does, however, show that sales of Vita to date are lagging behind those of its predecessor PSP. While Vita beat PSP's launch sales in its first three weeks on shelves, sales have since slowed and it is now almost 250,000 units off the pace.

Vita launched in North America, Europe and Australia last week, and we'll have the first indication of how the console has fared in the west when the UK all-formats chart is released later this morning.