43 Jobs Saved at Free Radical Design

43? ?Jobs Saved at Free Radical Design

43? ?Jobs Saved at Free Radical Design

43 jobs have been saved at Free Radical Design following Crytek’s successful acquisition of the group. 

“The sale was relatively easy for us to achieve,” says Cameron Gunn, administrator at Resolve Partners, “there were several interested parties in the end, and we had to auction the business.”

Crytek, the highest bidder, will now add 43 members to its workforce, a number which Gunn confirms were the skeleton-crew who stayed on at the company after it was subjected to over 140 layoffs and resignations.

“It’s excellent news, we’ve sold to someone who wants to invest in the business locally, so we’re extremely pleased with the results.”

“The sale is a testament to the quality of the employees and the great reputation the company had built-up in the market-place over the last several years. Without that, the company would have been a difficult sale to gain.”

The last time Edge spoke to Gunn, he explained there was a significant level of interest in the group.