54 Wii Titles Now Million Sellers

54 Wii Titles Now Million Sellers

As part of its financial results for fiscal year 2009 Nintendo has released sales figures for key Wii and DS software.

54 Wii titles and 91 DS games have now sold in excess of one million copies, according to the platform holder.

Wii Fit has sold 18.22 million copies worldwide and Mario Kart Wii 15.4 million. Despite company president Satoru Iwata previously saying that sales of Animal Crossing: Let’s Go To The City  and Wii Music had not met expectations, the games have now sold 3.38 million and 2.65 million copies respectively.

The Brain Age series of DS titles sold 7.31 million copies during the fiscal year and has now sold 31.12 million units life-to-date. During FY09 Pokémon Platinum Version sold 3.75 million copies and Kirby Super Star Ultra 2.36 million, despite neither title being released in Europe.

Earlier today Nintendo reported record sales and profit for the financial year ended March 31, 2009, also revealing that lifetime Wii and DS sales have surpassed 50 million and 100 million units respectively.