Abandoned Lord of the Rings Online player homes to be foreclosed on next week

Lord Of The Rings Online

As of next week’s Update 11 to Lord of the Rings Online, players who own a home that has been locked for more than 180 days will be given two months to pay off their debts or face foreclosure.

“Vacant houses. They take up space and make it hard for folks to find a home close their friends,” says a blog post from developer Turbine. “In preparation for some cool housing updates later this year, it’s time to clean up those old homes and get them back on the market.”

Anyone who fails to pay off their debts will find their homes back on the market, and all the items they had stored in them in escrow. The items will remain there indefinitely, players will have to clear them out before they can buy more property.

The update will also bring the new snowy zone of Wildermore and a slew of new quests along with it.