Activision announces 007 Legends

Activision has announced 007 Legends, a Eurocom-developed celebration of the Bond franchise's 50th anniversary for Xbox 360 and PS3.

Due in the autumn, Legends boasts an all-new storyline with missions based on six Bond films. Sadly, only one was specified: Skyfall, 007's latest outing, which will be in cinemas in October.

Activision Publishing EVP David Oxford said: "To honour 50 years of the world's top secret agent, 007 Legends offers a collection of his most famed moments in the smartest and most treacherous Bond game yet.

"Creating a videogame storyline that ties together six popular, yet very different, Bond movie narratives can be challenging, but together with EON Productions our developer Eurocom has pulled it off."

The game will also feature new Mi6 Ops missions, which debuted in Goldeneye 007: Reloaded, Eurocom's Xbox 360 and PS3 remake of Goldeneye 007, the Wii game it released in 2010.