Akiba’s Trip dethrones Dragon Quest

Akiba's Trip dethrones Dragon Quest

Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 Professional's recent domination of the Japanese charts has come to an end, with Akiba's Trip taking its crown in the latest Media Create chart, passed along by Andriasang.

Acquire's PSP title tasks players with cleaning up the vampire-infested streets of Akihabara, Tokyo's gadget paradise, and secures top spot with sales of 58,510 units.

It was a good week for new entries, with Tecmo Koei's 3DS title Dead Or Alive Dimensions entering the chart in second place, with PSP title Gungnir making its debut at number four.

Valve's Portal 2 makes an appearance too; with 12,410 sales, the vast majority of which were on PS3, it enters the chart in sixth spot.

01. Akiba's Trip (Acquire)
02. Dead Or Alive Dimensions (Tecmo Koei)
03. Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 Professional (Square Enix)
04. Gungnir (Sting)
05. Pro Baseball Spirits 2011 (Konami)
06. Portal 2 (Valve)
07. Patapon 3 (SCEJ)
08. Wii Party (Nintendo)
09. Pokemon Black & White (Nintendo)
10. Steel Diver (Nintendo)

Source: Andriasang / Media Create
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