Alan Miller Joins GameAnalytics

Alan Miller Joins GameAnalytics

Industry veteran Alan Miller has joined digital analyst firm GamesAnalytics as strategic advisor and director of North American operations, the firm has announced.

Miller was one of the first Atari game designers, creating the likes of Surround, Hunt & Score and Basketball, and co-wrote the Atari 800 operating system. After leaving Atari in 1979 he founded Activision, the first independent videogame developer-publisher, with Jim Levy.

He left Activision in 1984 to set up Accolade, developing for home computers including the Commodore 64 and Amiga. He left the firm ten years later and founded the now-defunct health education software publisher Click Health. In 2001 he linked up with former Atari colleague David Crane at advertising game developer Skyworks Technologies.

Now he has joined GameAnalytics, a firm set up by UK industry veterans Chris Wright and Tim Christian that says it will stimulate $1 billion in industry-wide digital revenue growth by 2015, using techniques appropriated from financial and retail analysis including realtime behavioural analytics, predictive modelling and targeted in-game advertising.

Miller said: “The company provides a big win-win solution for both game players and game publishers. Any game publisher serious about competing in the industry today must be able to rapidly analyse and understand its players’ behaviour and swiftly react to their needs.

“GamesAnalytics allows developers and publishers to quickly and easily unlock the true value of player data and maximise revenue,” he continued, explaining that GameAnalytics’s techniques will “increase online game revenue by substantially improving player satisfaction, as well as the number of paying players and average revenue per player."