Alten8 Restructures Company

Alten8 Restructures Company

UK-based licensor, developer and publisher Alten8 has announced that in an effort to “clarify its growing remit, and capabilities,” it is restructuring its organization.

Alten8 will remain the name of the parent company and the publishing brand for upcoming releases. Internal development of games created with new IP will be performed by the Skull Monkey Games division, while the Retro-Soft division will maintain the licensing and recreation of classic game brands owned by the company. Media manufacturer and distributor Entain8 will acts as a sister company to Alten8, catering to the needs of both its sibling company and other external clients.

Non-game related divisions being restructured by Alten8 include film and CGI group Mangled Pixel and audio division Octave Sound. These organizations will provide audio and video to internal development efforts as well as outside clients.

Upcoming projects from Alten8 include the WiiWare version of Eternity’s Child.