Amazon launches Mac download store

Amazon launches Mac download store

Online retail giant Amazon is now offering downloads of Mac software through its website.

The Mac Download section offers a host of games and software for the Apple platform, including some that Apple's own offering, the Mac App Store, does not. As such it is little surprise that the first item on the page is Microsoft Office, with Photoshop Elements 9 a little further down.

Pricing appears to be broadly consistent with the Mac App Store – though Amazon is incentivising takeup of its new service with the offer of a $5 discount – and there is little difference in price between Mac downloads and boxed products through Amazon. A boxed Microsoft Office costs $114.99; a download will set you back an extra penny.

Amazon's decision to take on Apple in this way is a brave one, with the two locked in a legal battle over the Amazon Appstore, the Android download store the retailer set up in March. Apple claims the name violates its attempted trademark of the phrase "App Store"; Amazon, like Microsoft, argues that it is a generic term that competitors should be free to use.