Amazon Lists Xbox 360 Elite 250GB

Amazon Lists Xbox 360 Elite 250GB

Update: The listing has now been pulled from the website.

Amazon Germany is carrying a listing for an Xbox 360 Elite with a 250GB hard drive.

The console will launch later this year bundled with two wireless controllers and Forza Motorsport 3 for €279.99 ($400), according to the online retailer.

The listing was spotted by Kotaku shortly after Microsoft announced plans to drop the price of the existing 120GB Elite 360, raise the cost of its entry level arcade model and phase out the 60GB Pro unit.

Microsoft made no mention of a new Xbox 360 SKU in its price cut announcement yesterday, although we’ve contacted the platform holder for comment.

While online retailer listings are by no means always accurate, Amazon Germany listed the PS3 Slim as early as July, even though the console wasn’t officially announced until mid-August.