App Advertising “Worth $4 Per User Per Month”

App Advertising "Worth $4 Per User Per Month"

App Advertising "Worth $4 Per User Per Month"

Free iPhone games generate an average of $4 per user per month in advertising revenue, according to mobile advertising optimisation firm Mobclix.

Mobclix reveals the startling figure in a post on its company blog, as pointed out by GamesBrief. It totalled the monthly advertising revenue for 50 popular games and divided it by the number of monthly active users, revealing that iPhone games generate an average of $4 per user per month, more than double the $1.90 generated by Android games.

Eligible apps were downloaded more than 50 times and required in excess of 75,000 monthly active users, who Mobclix defines as using an app a minimum of three times per week for at least five minutes at a time.

Apps also had to have spent an average of two weeks in both the top 10 and most popular charts to qualify. Of course, it’s a small sample and it’s highly unlikely that players of free games are “worth” $4 per month across the board. It should also be noted that games lagged behind utilities, which are worth $9.50 per user on iPhone and $7.20 on Android, and entertainment apps, which generate $6.70 and $4.90 respectively.

But regardless it’s another sign that free, ad-supported apps are proving an ever more viable business model. Last year Backflip, developer of free iOS apps such as Paper Toss, said it was making $500,000 a month in advertising revenue.