Apple encouraged Papa Sangre dev to increase price

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata was clearly referring to Apple when, at GDC in February, he launched an impassioned defence of Nintendo’s business model and asked: “Is maintaining the high value of games a priority or not? What we produce has value, and we should protect that value.” His belief – that the likes of Apple have no interest in maintaining the high price of worthy software – was contradicted at last week’s Edinburgh Interactive by UK studio Somethin’ Else. The developer revealed that Apple got in touch before the release of its innovative iOS rhythm game Papa Sangre and expressed an interest in promoting it. “They asked us how much we were going to sell it for, and we said maybe £1.99,” said managing director Steve Ackerman. “They said: ‘You must be joking. This is a premium app, this is worth more than the price of [a] coffee’.” The game eventually launched at £3.99, more than double the price the developer had in mind. We’ll have an interview with Somethin’ Else’s Paul Bennun on the site later today.