Army Condemned for Recruitment Practices

Army Condemned for Recruitment Practices

Army Condemned for Recruitment Practices

Anti-recruitment and anti-war groups have condemned the US Army for its recruitment practices following a $2m sponsorship deal with the Global Gaming League website.

The groups are concerned about the Army’s glamorous portrayal of military life, and view this latest recruitment practice as an unethical invasion of popular culture.

Project on Youth and Non-military Opportunities co-founder Rick Jahnkow said, "It is part of this campaign for the last 20 years to invade youth culture with militarism. It affects the way young people think. It affects their world view. That is a very dangerous thing. Soldiering is being popularized when in fact we are supposed to be teaching people from an early age that civilian democratic rule is the ideal.

"The emphasis went from asking people to join military as a patriotic gesture to more along the lines of the ways companies sell tooth paste," added Jahnkow.

Oskar Castro (pictured), a representative of anti-war American Friends Service Committee, said that depictions of Army life conveyed by military organizations were far from truthful.

"If it is virtual reality, why don’t you see people screaming for their mother while they die?" he said. "If you are going to show what war is like you should show what war is like. You don’t have ‘game over’ and start again. ‘Game over’ means you come home in a body bag and a casket."

As revealed earlier this month, the US Army announced it was set to sponsor the Global Gaming League website in a bid to heighten recruitment of young males aged 17-24. The website is frequented by 9.2m players on a monthly basis.

Source: Yahoo News