Assassin’s Creed IV is being developed across seven different studios – here’s how



Creation of the singleplayer missions in Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag is being split between lead developer Ubisoft Montreal and supported by studios in Kiev, Quebec and Singapore. Ubisoft’s Sofia outfit is creating the modern day elements of the game, and two more studios in Annecy and Bucharest are handling multiplayer.

The game is being built on an unprecented global scale, and while it is being led by Montreal, Ubisoft Singapore’s work on Assassin’s Creed III led to a larger role on Black Flag than the other supplementary studios, according to lead game content manager Carsten Myhill.

“Montreal is the lead studio – as it always is with Assassin’s Creed – so the core development started there in 2011,” he told us. “Singapore are quite closely involved too so they would have started around the same time. Singapore did a great job on the naval parts of Assassin’s Creed III so we’ve built on that, they’re actually now going to be working on some specific missions as well – it’s kind of mission-based.”

“The present day is being worked on in Sofia and then we’re sharing out the missions. It’s a cohesive world. Whereas before we had a land game and a sea experience joined together, because we’ve created this cohesive universe we can’t really split things up as simply as we have in the past, so we’re going for more of a mission-based split this time.”

Though it presents a significant logistical challenge, Myhill remains confident in his team’s experience in handling multi-studio game development. “We’ve adopted this multi-studio approach now since Assassin’s Creed II so it’s a well-oiled setup that we have. We’re very very experienced – the producers in particular are very experienced in doing this. It sounds very complicated and I’m not saying it’s not a challenge – it requires incredible talent and organisation to get it done, but we know how to do it.”

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