Asymco: 60 Apps Downloaded Per iOS Device Sold

Asymco: 60 Apps Downloaded Per iOS Device Sold

Industry analyst estimates attach rate for Apple’s devices, reveals apps are overtaking music downloads.

Industry analyst Asymco has published a report in which it estimates that more than 60 apps have been downloaded for every iOS device sold. According to the company, this is up from ten apps downloaded for every device in 2008.

The App Store is currently approaching the landmark figure of ten billion downloads, with app downloads increasing at a faster rate than iTunes music downloads. Asymco has determined that over 30 million apps are currently being downloaded every day, a figure that is increasing not just in terms of volume, but also its rate of increase.

The report concludes that apps are now overtaking digital music when it comes to downloads and that this will impact all other media as a result. The increasing number of apps attached to any given device is also blamed for driving up the cost of switching (for instance, from iOS to Android).

Though the 60 apps per device estimate is high, the actual figure is likely to be even greater as Asymco’s calculations assume all devices are still in use. Updates are not included in the total apps figure.