Atari shutters Eden Games, focuses on mobile as revenue falls

Veteran publisher Atari has reported decreased revenue for the past financial year, and has sold off a number of assets in order to focus efforts on mobile development.

Atari pulled in $51.3 million in revenue for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2012 – a 44 per cent drop from the prior year's $77.8 million.

Atari did, however, manage to decrease its losses from $8 million to $4.8 million, a recovery partly enabled by the closure of Eden Games. Atari made most of the Test Drive Unlimited studio's staff redundant last year, but has now sold off its remaining assets.

The publisher also sold its remaining stake in videogame- and anime-focused French television station GameOne, a move which raised $7.6 million. In August last year, Atari completed the sale of Cryptic Studios to Chinese online gaming firm Perfect World for $50 million.

Atari reported that downloads of its mobile games have exceeded ten million across iOS and Android. It's little surprise that Atari is shifting its focus from loss-making big budget development to the more profitable mining of classic IPs for release on mobile.

The move was hinted at in January, when Atari began taking a more aggressive stance towards developers infringing its IP rights on the App Store, subsequently defending its actions against developer criticism.