Atari veteran named AIAS Pioneer


Ed Logg, part of Atari's coin-op division in the 1970s and 1980s who was lead developer on Gauntlet, will be given the Pioneer Award by the Academy Of Interactive Arts And Sciences (AIAS) .

Logg, also co-designer of Centipede and Asteroids, will be presented with the award by Mark Cerny, a consultant who worked alongside Logg at Atari, at a Las Vegas ceremony in February.

"What I learned from Ed was that creating the fun of a game did not require complex algorithms as much as it required the right approach," Cerny said. "Which is to say that it wasn't virtuoso coding that made Ed's games a success, as much as it was putting all the proper features in the game in the correct order.

"Of course, you needed an amazing intuition as to which were the 'proper' features, that was the difficulty in replicating Ed's strategy."

Last year's Pioneer Award went to Raster Blaster creator Bill Budge. In 2009 it was awarded to David Crane, co-founder of Activision.