Atlus Confirms Western Catherine Release

Atlus Confirms Western Catherine Release

Atlus has confirmed that it is to publish Team Persona’s Catherine in the west, just days after saying it had no plans to do so.

The publisher announced today that the game, Team Persona’s debut on the current generation of consoles, will be released for PS3 and Xbox 360 in the west this Summer.

Catherine is an unprecedented exploration of the pleasures and horrors of love,” said Aram Jabbari of Atlus. “It is an experience wholly unlike any to come before it, and is certain to leave gamers talking and thinking about [protagonist] Vincent’s tribulations long after the credits have rolled.”

The game has been well received in Japan, where it topped the sales charts in its first week on sale, with 162,000 copies sold. Team Persona is currently at work on a rebalancing patch after complaints over the game’s severe difficulty.

As we reported last Friday, Atlus said Catherine was a “Japan-only game” for which there were “no plans for a North American release at this time”.

Source: Atlus