Australian R18+ bill to be introduced to parliament next month

Australia's new Federal Minister for Home Affairs has confirmed that the R18+ for games bill will be introduced to parliament next month.

Jason Clare, who took up the post previously occupied by Brendan O'Connor during a government reshuffle late last year, has told Gamespot AU that the bill will be included in the first session of this year's parliamentary sittings, which begins on February 7.

"If it passes the Lower House, it will then go to the Senate for the same process," a spokesperson for Clare's office explained.

For the bill to successfully pass through the Lower House it will require the support of two crossbench MPs, none of whom have thus far clarified their position on the R18+ rating.

If it does gain the required support, it will then need the backing of either the coalition, or the Greens. Both parties have publicly showed support for the bill.