Awesomenauts on hold after publisher goes bust (updated)


UPDATE: Awesomenauts will be released this week as planned, Ronimo has confirmed.

ORIGINAL STORY: The release of Ronimo Games' PSN and XBLA title Awesomenauts is on hold after European publisher DTP Entertainment filed for insolvency.

The Dutch studio's 2D MOBA game was scheduled for release this week, but judging by comments made in an email by co-founder Jasper Koning, its launch is now looking unlikely.

"[On] Friday we got word that our publisher for Awesomenauts, DTP Entertainment AG, has filed for insolvency," he said. "At the moment we're unsure what this means for the game, but we're working hard to try and resolve the situation."

Twelve-strong Ronimo was founded in 2007 using funds from the sale to THQ of the De Blob concept, on which the duo worked while studying at the Utrecht School Of Arts. We interviewed Ronimo when the studio's first game, Swords & Soldiers, was released for WiiWare in 2009. Hamburg-based DTP had been operating since 1995, publishing the likes of The Cursed Crusade, Gray Matter, and Giana Sisters DS.

Our Awesomenauts review, originally scheduled to be published this week, will now be held back until a new publisher is found.