BBC iPlayer hits Xbox 360 today

Microsoft will launch the BBC iPlayer application on Xbox 360 in the UK today.

The application will roll out throughout the course of the day and is expected to be available for all UK users by the end of Tuesday, Eurogamer reports.

The iPlayer app outputs in high definition and also features Kinect support, enabling users to navigate content using gesture and voice controls.

Unlike other TV applications available on Microsoft’s console, it will be free to use for all Xbox Live members, including non-paying subscribers.

Head of BBC iPlayer Dave Price said: "It's been well documented that the BBC, due to the unique way in which we're funded, have to make their services available wherever BBC iPlayer is for free. Microsoft fully understood in order to make the service available, it had to be available to all Xbox users.

"That was something that was very much clear, and it's great Microsoft supported us to ensure we are available to all the millions of Xbox users."