Bethesda to patch Skyrim patch

Bethesda Softworks will next week release an "incremental update" for the PC version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, with console versions to follow, that fixes issues introduced in the patch it released earlier this week.

Version 1.2 fixed problems on all platforms – texture scaling on Xbox 360, framerate issues on PS3 and freezes on PC – but also introduced a few of its own. Chief among those was the breaking of the resistance mechanic, through which players and NPCs can limit the damage taken from certain attacks. Dragons also flew backwards.

A post on the Bethesda blog reads: "We'll be releasing an incremental update next week. We anticipate it will be up on PC first, and then hit PS3 and Xbox 360 later in the week. Among other things, the update will fix issues like magic resistance not calculating properly and the rare, amazing backwards flying dragon."

The publisher promises more frequent updates from January onwards, typically hitting PC before consoles due to platform holder certification procedures, and admits it has "realised that with the millions of people playing Skyrim, we need to treat our updates with greater care.

"If we get too aggressive trying to fix a minor issue, we run a risk of breaking something larger in a game like this."

Skyrim has performed much better on store shelves than it has in the disc tray: seven million copies were shipped to retailers for launch, with more than half of that figure sold in its first 48 hours on sale.