Bethesda: Publishing Wet was the right decision

Despite a poor critical and commercial reception, Bethesda vice president of marketing Pete Hines told us that he has no regrets about the decision to pick up the game for release, but admits that the publisher is now focused on “bigger and better things.” “Nothing is a hundred percent in this industry, you know,” he said. Wet could have done better but honestly for us it did pretty well – it sold quite a few copies for what it was. It wasn’t Fallout 3, but not everything is… we’re trying to look for even bigger and better things so that you look at them and go, ‘That’s really a game I can’t afford to miss.'” Hines added: “I’ll admit this freely, I was [one of the] few guys who saw Wet at Bethesda. I was like, ‘That’s really cool. It’s very different.’ It’s not a home run. You don’t look at it and go: ‘There’s no way that won’t be a commercial smash.’ The graphics were not the highest end graphics of the day, but it had a quality, it had personality, it had an edge to it.