Beyond: Two Souls’ focus is ‘meaning, not fun’, says David Cage

Beyond: Two Souls' focus is 'meaning, not fun', says David Cage

Beyond: Two Souls' focus is 'meaning, not fun', says David Cage

Those expecting Beyond: Two Souls to be a departure from Quantic Dream's previous games like Heavy Rain should think again: David Cage says his focus in development of his upcoming PS3 exclusive is "creating an emotional journey," adding: "I'm not interest in giving [players] 'fun'."

Speaking to us as part of an in-depth look at the upcoming Beyond - which follows protagonist Jodie Holmes, played by Hollywood actress Ellen Page, in a story spanning 15 years – Cage insists that he is unwavering in his aim to "create something different".

"My goal is to surprise people, to give them something they want without knowing they want it," he tells us. "I want to create an emotional journey, a unique experience.

"I am not interested in giving them 'fun', I want to give them meaning; I don't want to challenge their thumbs, I want to challenge their minds."

Cage's games have always had emotion at their core, and Beyond will be no different, with the Quantic Dream CEO saying the game is his response to the death of a close relative. By following the protagonist for over 15 years, Cage hopes players will foster a deeper emotional bond with the character under their control than in other games.

Technology will be key to that, with the new engine Cage unveiled with his Kara demo at GDC, and Page's painstaking performance capture work, helping remove what Cage describes as "the robotic aspect" of videogame characters. That tech, though, serves the emotion, and while Cage admits his methods may not be to everyone's tastes, he remains resolute in his focus.

"Maybe this is irrelevant or just overly ambitious," he says. "Maybe this is not what most people out there actually want. But this is the goal I set myself with Beyond: to create something different."

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