Binary Domain PC dated

The PC release of Yakuza Studio's squad-based shooter Binary Domain will be released digitally on April 27, and at retail on May 18, publisher Sega has confirmed.

The first product of Toshihiro Nagoshi's new Sega studio, Binary Domain is set in a futuristic Tokyo, where robots walk among men unaware of their true nature. It sets the scene for a tense cover shooter, with protagonist Dan Marshall able to give orders to, and converse with, his squadmates, whose level of trust in Marshall affects how the story plays out.

Pre-order bonuses are on offer for both the digital and boxed releases, with one focusing on Marshall's weaponry and stat-boosting bionic upgrades. The other features a new class, map, and extra weapons for use in the game's multiplayer mode.

Our review of the console release of Binary Domain, which launched in February after a slight delay, praised the "punchy pace" of a game which "adequately, but not outstandingly, mimics the nuts and bolts of the western cover shooter."