Bit of Alright conference line-up revealed

World of Love organiser David Hayward is staging a new game design event called Bit of Alright next month.

Taking place in the Battersea Arts Centre in London on February 3, the event includes speakers and sessions from Introversion's Mark Morris and Chris Delay; Hide&Seek's Holly Gramazio; Ricky Haggett and Nat Marco from Honeyslug, and Gratuitous Space Battles designer Cliff Harris who will be offering advice on how to get out of bed and finish an indie title.

However, Hayward is keen to differentiate Bit of Alright from other conferences, hoping to offer more than dry talks and financial advice. Contributors will have free rein to deliver the kinds of sessions they want to.

"Sitting in conference sessions isn’t 'maximising your takeaway', more often than not it’s filling your head with fluff from talks that speakers threw together in the night," Hayward writes on the event's site.

"So less of that. Fewer keynotes in which people bang on about MMOs/social games/casual games being money printers, six months before their pet project launches and immediately fails. Fewer litanies of past projects. Less hysteria over the next big thing that probably won’t wipe everything else out."

We'll be keeping a close eye on this one, and if you're interested in attending you can book a ticket by clicking the source link at the bottom of this article.

The full contributor line-up is as follows:

  • Dan Marshall: Size Five Games
  • Ed Key: Proteus
  • Laura Kriefman: Guerilla Dance Project
  • Grethe Mitchell: University of Lincoln
  • Dan Walker: FilthyGigDog
  • Rosie Fairchild and Mark Rochefort: Splash and Ripple
  • Willow Tyrer: Doublevay
  • Michael Brough: Vertex Dispenser, Glitch Tank
  • James Wallis: Spaaace
  • Mark Morris and Chris Delay: Introversion
  • Ricky Haggett: Honeyslug
  • Jerry Carpenter: KBs Gametoilet
  • Patrick Ashe: Several Amazing Things About Tetris
  • Iain Simons, James Newman: GameCity
  • Mary Hamilton and Grant Howitt: Zombie LARP
  • Ian Willey: My Note Games
  • Holly Gramazio: Hide & Seek
  • Kerry Turner and Simon Parkin: Littleloud
  • Nat Marco: HoneySlug
  • Cliff Harris: Positech
  • Adam Russel and John Sear: WallFour
  • Richard Perrin: Locked Door Puzzle
  • Andrew Roper: IndieSkies
  • Rob Davis: Playniac
  • Adrian Hon, Matt Wieteska, Alex Macmillan: SixtoStart
  • Alistair Aitcheson: Greedy Bankers