Bizarre Staff Form New Studio

Bizarre Staff Form New Studio

Bizarre Staff Form New Studio

Members of staff made redundant when Bizarre Creations closed its doors last Friday have announced the formation of a new studio, Lucid Games.

The studio was set up by Pete Wallace, formerly Bizarre’s development director, who told the Liverpool Daily Post he hoped to create 50 jobs at the firm, which has support from regeneration agency Liverpool Vision.

“The idea is to take the spirit of Bizarre Creations and see if we can improve on that,” Wallace said. “People were aware there were going to be cuts [at Bizarre]. But the closure of the studio just wasn’t expected at all.”

Lucid’s commercial director Andy Davidson said the firm would be looking to hire as many ex-Bizarre staff as possible, saying: “We know people are being targeted by headhunters and being asked about moving, particularly to Canada.

“We want to get back to the levels of innovation and creativity at Bizarre that made Activision so keen to acquire it.”

Bizarre finally closed its doors last Friday after 17 years in the business after Activision, who acquired the studio in 2007, was unable to find a buyer for the developer despite a three-month search. Some 200 staff were left jobless as a result.

Source: Liverpool Daily Post