Blizzard to monetise mods with Blizzard Arcade

Blizzard Entertainment is to allow modders to charge for their creations through Blizzard Arcade, a revised version of the Blizzard Marketplace to launch alongside StarCraft II expansion Heart Of The Swarm.

The publisher revealed Arcade, a hub for free and premium user-made mods and games created using the StarCraft II mod tools, during a panel at this weekend's Blizzcon event in California. Blizzard explained that commerce tools will not be available at launch, but that the changes to the interface were designed with paid content in mind.

Blizzard's summary of the panel explains: "Allowing custom game makers to charge for their games will incentivise higher-quality custom games, benefitting players and game creators."

Discoverability will also be improved, with new categories including What's Hot and Up And Coming, and a tweaked queueing system will see multiplayer lobbies filled in order of how long they have been open. New mod tools will be released allowing for custom UIs, cutscenes, art and more.

As an example of the sort of results that will be possible with the new tools, the publisher showed off Blizzard DOTA, its own take on Defense Of The Ancients, with a beta test promised in the coming months. For more, follow the source link below.