Blockbuster set to close 300 stores in US, 3,000 jobs under threat



Up to 40 per cent of the US operation’s workforce could go as Blockbuster owner Dish looks to shutter unprofitable outlets.

Days after Blockbuster UK went into administration, Reuters reports that its US counterpart is facing a severe downsizing. Up to 300 of its 800 US stores and as many as 3,000 staff could be laid off.

Dish Network Corp bought Blockbuster LLC in a bankruptcy auction in 2010, and said of the move: “We continue to see value in the Blockbuster brand and we will continue to analyze store-level profitability and, as we have in the past, close unprofitable stores,”

The news comes just days after Blockbuster UK went into administration. Deloitte has been appointed to seek a buyer for the UK outfit.