Braid Tops Mac App Store Chart

Braid Tops Mac App Store Chart

Aggressive pricing helps Jonathan Blow’s puzzler to top spot; seventh-highest grossing app too.

Jonathan Blow’s time-shifting puzzle game Braid is the Top Paid app on the Mac App Store.

Thanks largely to an aggressive pricing strategy – it is currently £2.99 but was as low as £1.19 late last week – it has taken Angry Birds’ place as the most popular App on the Mac version of Apple’s software marketplace, which launched this time last month.

While discounts often see apps climb the Top Paid rankings, it should also be noted that Braid is seventh in the Top Grossing chart which measures sales revenue instead of figures. Sandwiched in between Numbers and Keynote – both of which are priced at £11.99 – it is clearly selling in substantial quantities.

“It’s been nice to see,” Blow told us. “Review scores for Braid on the App Store are very high so it’s good to know a lot of people are genuinely enjoying the game.” Blow says that the low price is a “limited-time promotion”, and that “$10 is not too bad of a long-term price for Braid.”

Launched on January 6, the Mac App Store saw a million apps downloaded in its first 24 hours. The Mac version of Braid was handled by Hothead Games, developer of DeathSpank and Penny Arcade: On The Rain-Slicked Precipice of Darkness.