Browser MMOG Glitch launches

Glitch, a browser-based MMOG by Flickr co-founder Stewart Butterfield's Tiny Speck studio, has officially launched.

The game belatedly entered beta in April – Tiny Speck had originally intended to begin public testing last year but was forced to keep Glitch in alpha while numerous kinks were ironed out – and, in July, the studio enlisted the services of Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi.

"Glitch launches today," Butterfield writes on the game's blog. "Launch is an important milestone, but in most ways, this is just the beginning. The end of beta means we have something stable enough and fun enough that we're happy to invite the world to play.

"But we want to create a game and world with the real possibility for infinite play, and that means Glitch will be continuing to grow, develop and evolve for many years to come.

"This is a big day for us: we’re proud, apprehensive and a little giddy with excitement. We hope you like what we’ve got so far and we believe you’ll love where we’re going."

You can sign up now at the source link below, but Tiny Speck is capping player numbers at launch to ensure a smooth experience. The developer currently says most new signups will be invited to the game within a day.